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Canada Immigration News 2018 for Indian

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Canada has been in the news recently for making massive changes and announcements which have far-reaching consequences for the Canada immigration industry. The first among these is the announcement that as many as a million i.e. 1,000,000 immigrants will be invited into Canada by 2020. Out of these, about 565,000 will be invited into Canada through the Express Entry program. This means that the number of immigrants moving into Canada in the next few years will greatly outweigh all the immigrants invited to Canada as Permanent Residents since the Express Entry program began in 2015.

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In the next segment, we are going to talk about how this exciting bit of news is going to affect the immigration chances of people around the world and Indians in particular. Keep reading!

What does this mean for Canada Immigration Hopefuls?

This news has led to a wave of excitement in the Canada immigration industry and the local immigrant communities in Canada. Many people who were thinking of getting their friends and family into the country can now do so because every program under the Express Entry system will become more liberal and its immigration criteria will be relaxed to let more and more people in. Similarly, many people who had previously failed to be selected for Canada immigration are now beginning to hope for a renewed chance at their dream life in the country. Seeing as Canada wants so many people to come over to the country and take up important positions within the economy, there is a cheer in the international immigration community and a sincere hope that this time around, their immigration dreams will come true.

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In the next segment, we are going to talk about how this liberalization scheme is directly going to benefit Indians and how you can take advantage of the situation and get yourself the deal of a lifetime. Read on to know!


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